It’s been weeks since season 4’s cliffhanger ending rocked Stranger Things fans to their core. During this time, there have been small nuggets of information to hold us over, such at the Stranger Things writers room releasing a number of season 4 script extracts and the revelation that an Indiana Hotel has made one of its suites resemble the Byers living room.

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Beyond that though, there hasn’t been a whole host of information released regarding the upcoming fifth and final season. With this in mind, it seems fans’ only option is to reminisce on what they’ve already seen, and come up with new things to debate. For example, which character is the most intelligent.


Bob – Bob The Brave

If you have a puzzle that needs solving, you better hope Bob Newby (Sean Astin) is on hand to help you out. Thankfully for Joyce, Will, and Mike, the tech expert arrived at Joyce’s house at just the right moment to decipher the hidden meaning behind all of Will’s strange vine drawings.

If it wasn’t for his unexpected arrival, Hopper would likely have died in that tunnel beneath Hawkins, and, well, it goes without saying that a world without Hopper doesn’t bear thinking about. Bob may be gone, but his memory, and the memory of his puzzle-solving genius, will live on forever.

Murray Bauman – Karate Expert, Vodka Enthusiast

To say that Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman)’s life has changed drastically in the years since Barb’s parents hired him to investigate her disappearance is an understatement. Not only has he learned of the Upside Down, but he has also infiltrated a secret Russian headquarters and survived a plane crash.

RELATED: 8 Fictional Best Friends Who Are Actually Real-Life BFFsMurray’s intelligence has come to the rescue on multiple occasions. Not only is he able to speak a variety of languages, but he also came rather close to solving Barb’s case without assistance, which, considering the involvement of another dimension, is no mean feat.

Erica Sinclair – ‘My Little Pony’ Super-Fan

Though she’s at pains to keep it hidden, Erica Sinclair (Sir Ferguson) is a nerd. When she’s not too busy eating sample after sample of free ice cream or hanging out at the mall, Erica is likely watching My Little Pony or refining the characteristics of her Dungeons and Dragons character.

Erica’s intelligence has helped the gang on multiple occasions, and her bravery certainly doesn’t hurt either. Though her older brother Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) would never admit it, Erica is definitely the smartest member of the Sinclair family.

Joyce – Everybody’s Favorite Mom

For Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), these last few years have been much more complicated than she could possibly have imagined. First, her youngest son Will disappeared, and the whole of Hawkins thought she was crazy when she refused to accept his death. Since then, she’s played a key role in keeping the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons at bay.

RELATED: 10 Shows And Movies To Watch If You Love The ‘Stranger Things’ CastIn fact, she impressed Hopper so much with her investigatory instincts in season three that he asked her to join the police force. It’s safe to assume that Joyce’s intuitions and intelligence will continue to be a major asset to our heroes, and maybe after it’s all over, she can take Hopper up on his job offer.

Robin Buckley – So Much Smarter Than Steve

She may have only joined the cast in season three, but Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) has made a huge impression on audiences so far. Not only can she translate Russian, rattle off incredible film trivia and stand her ground against a brutal Russian interrogation, but she can also think on her feet.

When she and Nancy are denied entry to visit Victor Creel, she immediately invests a convincing, well-thought-out story that earns the trust of the warden and allows them access to Creel, essentially saving Max’s life in the process. Not bad for the newest member of the Hawkins monster hunter club.

Jim Hopper – The Best Small Town Detective You Ever Could Meet

If anybody thinks small-town police work is easy, they clearly aren’t aware of the mammoth task facing Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbor). Not only does he have to continue to keep the people of Hawkins in order, but he must also keep the Upside Down at bay, provide a loving home for his adopted daughter, and ensure the world doesn’t find out the truth about what happened in Hawkins Lab.

RELATED: 10 Most Expensive TV Series Ever MadeThough he may drink too much and often act irrationally, Hopper is one of the most intelligent men in Hawkins. He discovered the truth about Hawkins Lab, has helped Eleven continually evade the US Government and was the first to realize something was wrong in season two. When it comes to police chiefs, there’s just nobody better than Jim Hopper.

Dr. Sam Owens – The Man With The Impossible Job

Let’s face it, Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) was doomed to file. Taking over from Dr. Brenner, hiding the truth of his experiments and trying to find a solution to the damage caused by his predecessor was an impossible task. Thanks for a combination of incredible intelligence and kindness, however, Dr. Owens did a far better job than anybody could have expected.

He helped Will escape the clutches of the Mind Flayer, he worked hard to keep Eleven safe, and he even worked alongside Brenner to help her regain her powers, knowing it was the only way of keeping the world safe. All in all, we’d say he’s done a pretty good job.

Dustin – No Collar Bones And A Big Brain

Where would Mike, Eleven, Steve and the rest of our heroes be without Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo)? The answer doesn’t bear thinking about. Across the four seasons, Dustin has been the first to make a number of important discoveries. He discovered that compasses were affected by the gates. He discovered that the Russians had infiltrated Hawkins. Most recently, he discovered water gate, which helped the gang uncover Vecna’s evil plan.

RELATED: 13 TV Characters That Were Only Supposed To Appear In A Few Episodes But Ended Up StayingHe may be younger than most people on this list, but Dustin Henderson is far and away one of the most intelligent characters in Stranger Things, and we expect him to be even smarter when he returns for the fifth and final season.

Suzie Bingham – A Whole Lot Smarter Than Her Boyfriend

Suzie Bingham (Gabriella Pizzolo) may not know it, but she’s saved the world twice. The character, who has only appeared in a handful of episodes so far, has a host of skills that have delighted Stranger Things fans worldwide. She can hack (especially if Dustin needs some help with a poor grade), she can sing (Neverending Story is her go-to jam), and best of all, she can recite Planck’s Constant without a second thought. Her exceptional intelligence has quickly made Suzie a fan favorite character, and it will be interesting to see if she finally makes a trip to Hawkins in season five.

Dr. Martin Brenner – As Clever As He Is Evil

He may be one of the most evil characters in the entire show, but Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) is easily the most intelligent character in the entire show. The character, who spent years experimenting on a group of children who all displayed telekinetic abilities, played a key role in the accidental opening of the Upside Down. Then, after disappearing for a number of seasons, Brenner returned in season four to help El rediscover the powers that made her so formidable. He may have been given an honorable death, but Brenner will forever be known as a villain.

His years of torture and experimentation turned many children’s lives into hell, but in doing so, he created the only person capable of stopping Vecna. His intelligence will be missed, but the character will not.

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