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I Tried the “JLo Glow” Hydrafacial

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

  • Jennifer Lopez has become renowned for her consistently glowing skin.
  • Lopez’s beauty brand, JLo Beauty, partnered with Hydrafacial to re-create that glow in the form of a treatment “booster.”
  • One editor tried the facial

What’s Going On at Into the Gloss?

Into The Gloss, the once wildly popular beauty website and launchpad for Glossier that was created by Emily Weiss, hasn’t published a new post in nearly four months.

On Twitter Tuesday afternoon, writer Mattie Kahn brought the fact to the

The 10 Beauty Essentials You Need This Fall

Almost everyone can agree that fall is the best time of year for a style overhaul. Like clockwork, September rolls around and brings with it a sharp awareness of our daily routine that was much more relaxed during the blissful