You may know Suni Lee as the decorated gymnast who took home gold in the all-around and bronze in the uneven bars in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. But get to know the 19-year-old St. Paul native, and you’ll quickly see that she’s also a bona fide beauty gal. She shone like an actual medal at the 2021 Met Gala, with a bronze smoky eye and a sleek gold-accented pony, and who could forget her iconic Olympic-themed nail art as she posed on the podium? (Lee told NBC that those square-shaped tips actually help her catch the bar—functional beauty at its finest.)

Along with her affinity for glamorous lacquer, Lee also has a penchant for long, fluttery lashes, and, of course, she knows her way around a slicked-back bun (a style with longevity is key when you’re flipping through the air) .

Now, she’s embarking on her sophomore year at Auburn University, but before the frenzy of move-in day, the first few classes, and a jam-packed practice schedule (she’s the first Olympic all-around champion to compete in college), we were able to catch up with Lee about her must-have products and rituals. Behold: This beauty gal did not disappoint.