Desenio Gallery Wall Inspiration

Golden Monstera leaves (50×70) + Metal frame Black (50×70) | Monster together (30×40) + Metal frame Black (30×40) | Gloomy (30×40) + Metal frame Black (30×40) | Monstera in Sunlight (21×30) + Metal frame Black (21×30) | Golden Fan Palm (21×30) + Metal frame Black (21×30)

Ever since moving to my new SF apartment, I’ve been really enjoying the process of decorating. It hasn’t been easy finding a style I like and I’m constantly getting inspiration from Pinterest. Now that I have a good sense of my style decor, thankfully I have a lot of the apartment decorated. It’s a work in progress but I’m really liking where it’s headed!

A project that has been on my to-do list lately was a gallery wall above my couch. I know there are a lot of articles and videos online on how to create a gallery wall, but I still found the whole process daunting. I’ve actually been searching for artwork for the past 6 months hoping I would come across some gems whenever I was out home decor shopping, but no luck. ️

I discovered an artwork website called Desenio about two years ago and decided that buying online was a better option for me. Here’s why:

Instagram-Worthy Scandanavian Artwork

No more going from store to store trying to find artwork I love — Desenio has so many options and I REALLY love their entire artwork selection. Their prints are so chic and modern and it was so easy finding artwork that matched our tropical mid-century modern vibe!

Desenio Gallery Wall Inspiration |  THE BEAUTY VANITY

Gallery Wall Inspo

This was very helpful when I was searching for artwork. They have different rooms you can browse so you can see how certain prints look together. For someone like me who needs help deciding what looks good together, this was an amazing resource to have. They have rooms styled and painted, so you can see what artwork looks good with similar decor you have. Here’s the room that I used for inspo!

Desenio Gallery Wall Template |  THE BEAUTY VANITY

Gallery Wall Templates

OMG – this was such a game changer for me. They have measurements and templates for you, so you can decide how big you want your gallery wall to be and all you have to do is find your prints!

I measured out my wall and decided to go for one of the medium gallery wall templates (155cm X 87cm) and ended up getting 5 prints to start off with.

Affordable Frames

Once you have your prints selected, you can also add frames with your order. No more trying to find a frame that fits your specific print, you can order everything you need there! I especially loved how they had brass frames, but in the end, I went for black frames.

Desenio San Francisco Gallery Wall Inspiration |  THE BEAUTY VANITY

My entire apartment is still a work in progress but I’m really happy with how it looks so far. Even though I didn’t get the complete wall template, I can use the gallery wall templates later when I decide to expand!