“Honestly, at the end of the day. Fuck space billionaires.”

Weird and exciting! three-piece outfit ‘Them Fantasies’ probably doesn’t care for the word “genre” at all, and their self-described infatuation with pushing the boundaries of contemporary music is almost their mission statement. It’s frankly obvious when you listen to their newest song, “Billionaires” for more than 15 seconds that they truly are off-the-wall talented innovators out to create sassy new sounds that nobody has ever heard before.

Currently based out of LA these former Berklee (Boston) students have been steadily releasing singles and EPs since around 2018, homing in on a sound that they can proudly call exclusively their own much in spite of the fact that they wear their influences on their sleeves .

One look at their presentation and you can tell that they’re fun and light-hearted, like many of their lyrics suggest, but you don’t need to have a particularly sharp ear to realize that -for all the fun and games- they ‘re seriously talented musicians who are putting their formal musical education to very good use. The way ‘Them Fantasies’ put together their tracks is nothing short of brilliant, making use of seemingly disparate elements that suggest a wide range of influences -not only from other bands but from entirely different cultural backgrounds as well.

The trio’s newest banger is a satirical take on the concept of “Billionaires in Space”, directly reflecting the real-life “Space Race” between Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and Tesla’s Elon Musk. The fact that such an obscene amount of resources were being poured into commodifying space for the ultra-wealthy immediately inspired the Band’s creativity into a groovy outlet that pokes fun at some of the absurdities of modern society.

“From the creation of the music, to the fun of writing lyrics that rip on wealthy elite, we think this is our definitive contribution to society right now. It has received the best response out of any song we’ve written and we are reminding the world how messed up the concept of “Billionaires in Space” is while simultaneously making them dance.”

The song’s fairly experimental new sound pushes the already eclectic tendencies of the band even further out, incorporating Spanish guitar elements (particularly noticeable early on) that really broadens the song’s palette in a very bold direction.

Story: Samuel Aponte Photos: Courtesy of the artist