For many of us, having extra fat around our facial area can put a negative spin on how we perceive ourselves. Rounder faces are beautiful, but when you have tried to drop some weight on your face and have maintained the same chubby appearance, this can be disheartening. For many people having a rounder face is hereditary. As we age we tend to drop the ‘puppy fat’ as it is commonly referred to, but there are some techniques you can engage in to speed up the process and achieve a slimmer, more structured face shape.

In this blog post, we will discuss the tried and tested methods for slimming the face when all else has failed. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Avoid inflammatory foods

First things first, our diet is a large contributor towards the fat in our face and the puffy appearance that can often happen. If you want to start looking at facial fat, it would be wise to look at your diet and see how much of it contains inflammatory foods. Things such as processed foods and alcohol are known to cause a chubby facial appearance. Try to change your diet, and stick to nutritious and healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables and see if it helps to slim your face down. Avoid any fast food, foods in packets and alcohol most importantly.

Invest in gua sha

Guasha is an ancient Chinese remedy for draining the glands in your face and removing the water retention that all of us experience. Using a rose quartz gua sha consider watching a tutorial on how to accurately drain your facial glands and drain the glands away from the face. It has been proven to have a facial lifting and slimming effect if done consistently. Use a vitamin C Serum to make the most out of your gua sha routine and have a slimmer and brighter-looking face!

Go to the sauna

Speaking of removing water retention, the sauna is a great place to drop the unneeded water weight that might be clinging to your face. By sweating out all of the toxins, the sauna has been known to drop a large volume of water weight, especially if done every day. Boxers use this method if they are dropping weight, but always make sure there is someone with you when you are starting in the sauna to avoid passing out!

Consider buccal fat removal

If all else fails and you are determined to slim your face, you might consider getting buckle fat cosmetic surgery in Manchester. This is a procedure that involves removing the fat from your face, leaving a much slimmer and more defined appearance. This will also help your jawline to appear more defined. Often people pair this with a facelift in Manchester if they are of an older age.

Bottom line

Overall, if you are trying to lose facial fat, it would be a good idea to start avoiding inflammatory food, using a gua sha, and also consider going into cosmetic surgery if all else fails.

By pudge