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Some people say every seven years, your hair will fall out and it will renew itself, and that can be very scary! Other things can also be the cause of hair loss. What can you do? Luckily there are a few tricks and there is a solution to every cause.


Stress causes so many problems to your body. So if you think your hair loss is related to stress, then you should deal with that. There are many things you could do to release stress. Have a walk in the forest, confront the person that causes your stress and talk it out. Exercise! Do something you love. Be creative. And most of all: dance. Just dance anywhere: in the shower, in your living room, in your office. Do not forget to sing as well. It will release your stress immediately. Sunlight is also very good to release stress.

Lack of vitamins

Vitamins can help you to become more calm, but they can also support your hair growth. When you have a shortage of some vitamins, you will notice that your hair will fall out more quickly and your nails will break off sooner. Make sure you get enough vitamin D, B7 (Biotin), A and iron. If you have a healthy eating pattern and you go outside a lot, you should not worry.


Hormones have a lot to do with your health. When your hormones are out of balance, you will notice that you will get sick earlier. It all comes back to your health in general. You need hormones to make you healthy, but when you do not eat healthy, it will affect your hormones. In addition, women that just had a baby a few months ago, will also suffer from hair loss. Do not worry, it will grow back again, just give it some time.

Hair transplant

Then there are people who are just very unfortunate and experience hair loss due to a gene abnormality. Do your parents suffer from hair loss as well? In that case it is hard to find an easy cure. Luckily there is a solution. You could do a hair transplant Turkey. Fly to Istanbul and the doctors will help you to recover your hair in just a few days. When you choose a dhi hair transplant, two doctors and a robot will do all the work. You feel no pain, since you will be sedated. See it as a weekend out and you will come back with a perfect head of hair.

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