Fran’s Got Style, Fran’s Got Flair!

Joey Carman

While most of us get our beauty news from magazines and social media, Fran Drescher’s first introduction to makeup brand Laura Geller — which she is now the face of — was on television. “I was with my parents, and I was watching TV. I saw ‘Laura Geller’ in the guide and I didn’t know what it was, so I clicked on it.” What happened next was serendipity. “About a week later, I got a call from Geller asking me if I wanted to be an influencer for the brand,” Drescher recalls.

Taking her prospective role to heart, Drescher requested to test Geller’s makeup to ensure she felt confident about attaching her name to the product. Almost immediately, Drescher, her friends and even her mother developed favorites. So Drescher took the job, and became the spokesperson for a campaign embracing women over 40 that launched in 2021. Frescher, who had been on the small screen for years, felt seen.

“Very often you look in the magazines, [at 40] is where women begin to fall off a cliff and become fast forgotten in advertising and in sales targeting. And so, I really felt very positive about it,” says Drescher, now 64. Another draw: the non-toxic brand aligned with Drescher and her foundation Cancer Schmancer’s mission.

Ahead Drescher shares her favorite things — from makeup to a face and body spray — and shares her perspective on style (and flair!) at 64. “I think that you have to embrace what makes you feel great. Don’t be dictated by other people. When you define your own flair and your own style, then you can face the world with a kind of unapologetic confidence.”

Makeup Kits

Consisting of four products and a brush, this kit takes the guesswork out of creating a gorgeous look, says Drescher. “It’s just a few key pieces, but when you put it all together you look beautiful. The items — a primer, kajal liner, mascara, a marbleized blush and bronzer and a dual-ended brush — together retail for $79, and 20% of proceeds from sales will go towards Fran’s foundation Cancer Schmancer. “The brand isn’t about trying to be trendy, it’s about trying to be classic.”

Buy It! Laura Geller x Fran Drescher’s Favorites Kit, $79;

Body Oil

“I never used oils as much as I do now — they’re much more prevalent in my beauty regime,” Drescher shares. She favors OSEA because they don’t formulate with anything “considered to be a carcinogen or toxic in any way” and instead use naturally-derived ingredients predominantly from the sea.

Buy It! OSEA Undaria Algae Body Oil, $12-78;


Drescher, who has one of the most iconic smiles in Hollywood, “obsesses” over her oral hygiene — but it has nothing to do with vanity. “I embrace biological dentistry, which doesn’t treat the mouth as an anomaly from the rest of the body, but as a gateway to it,” she explains. This probiotic toothpaste created by her dentist Dr. Gerry Curtola, helps the good bacteria in the mouth (yes. there is such a thing!) thrive.

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Texturizing Spray

“This product is a must-have wherever I go,” Drescher says, adding this tip: “When your hair is dry, lift sections and spray this underneath — then watch your hair DOUBLE in volume!”

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Face Oil

“This was created by a former makeup artist of mine that worked with me on The Nanny. I put it on my face, but I also smooth out my eyebrows with it, and put it on my lips. Then, I rub what’s left on my fingers on my eyelashes and into my cuticles,” Drescher says of this antioxidant-rich blend.

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Face & Body Spray

“I use this several times a day on my skin and hair. It was developed by environmentalist Dr. Zach Bush who understands how to leverage our earth and mother nature to create all-natural, eco-friendly truly human-friendly products,” explains Drescher, adding that the spray is great “under or over makeup, on the plane, after sun, and every time in between.”

Buy It! Ion Skin Support, $68;

Hair Dye

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation

Drescher has two MVP products for standout strands. The first: an at-home hair dye the star was so impressed with after trying that she signed on to be its spokesperson. “ColorOnly [contains] rich emollients — and no harsh chemicals — so it is much more forgiving on the hair than [formulas with] peroxide.” Drescher adds that in just 10 minutes it creates “a very natural look. It’s you, but better!”

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